My little sweetie, Zoe, is a four pound long-haired chihuahua. She’s two years old, and I adopted her last November.

None of my previous dogs have ever smiled the way she does. In fact, I didn’t even realize Zoe was smiling until I saw another dog doing the same thing on YouTube. I’m pretty sure I’ve taught her to smile on command, (that is, unless the previous family did it and I just haven’t figured that out yet), and I finally had my camera on hand when it happened today.

The funniest thing is when she smiles at me from waaaaaaay across the room without being prompted. She always smiles when I first come home and sit on my bed. You just know she wants attention when I see those little white canines peek out from behind her top lip. She’s just too cute I can’t help hugging her! 🙂

I just walked in the door after hanging out at a very nice dessert place and seeing The International this evening. Guess who was sitting there smiling at me as I came through the door….


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