The Unexpected Happened

For anyone who knows me, they’re quite familiar with the fact that I never use my oven. And when I say never, I really mean never.

Up until a couple weeks ago, I hadn’t turned that thing on in almost five-ish years. That’s a pretty long time to not use an oven, right?

A good friend of mine helped me get the oven racks back into the oven which was a real game-changer (haha). Since then, I’ve baked blueberry muffins on three different occasions, including the batch in the picture below.

Seriously, had you told me a month ago that I’d enjoy making these as much as I do, (and using an oven, at that!) I would have never believed you.

My, how things can change. And so quickly, too!

The third batch of organic muffins I’ve made. Everything in these are organic, with the exception of the table salt used.

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What’s on my needles? Why, Felicity of course! 😊



So, instead of a gym membership, I purchased a seasons pass to the Zoo. I’ve totally gotten my money’s worth and have been here several times since last July.

What I love about the Zoo is, not only that I can clock about 4000 steps on my FitBit, but also that I get to check out the animals while I’m at it.

Love it here!







I never fully understood why they’re called the “King of the Jungle”. I never really understood the term, “Heart of a Lion”. I never fully comprehended what the big deal was about a lion’s roar…until today.

While at the zoo, I heard their roar in person for the first time. All I have to say is, “Wow!” I was amazed at how loud it was and how far it travelled – I heard it what must have been about a kilometre away! And their heads! Have you seen the size of a lion’s head??? It’s massive!

Today I learnt what all the fuss is about. They are utterly beautiful creatures – one of God’s many works of art. Simply magnificent.


Pioneer Village

Although the weather has been a bit wonky of late, earlier today wasn’t too bad. I decided to make my way over to our City’s Pioneer Village and enjoy a bit of the sun while it lasted.

Peek back into time.



Red Barn Which Way Shall I Go? Annie Freeway Clearing in the Woods Post Blue Massive Beckon


Here’s a five-month old Dave. Dave is a Dumeril’s Boa. Dave is extremely strong for his size, much stronger than my ball pythons. Maybe it’s just more noticeable because Dave constricts. I like Dave. Dave is cool.


For You

Love’s as strong as death my love
Unyielding as the grave
Relentless as the desert sun
And rivers cannot wash my love away
And many waters cannot quench love
– Rich Mullins

iPad Mini with Retina vs. iPad Air – My Thoughts.

Just a few of my thoughts about my iPads.

Canopy With a View

About a month ago, my best friend and I visited a popular ski resort.  No, we didn’t go skiing :-).  Yes, we actually  do get spring and summer in Canada :-).  We took a tour through ancient caves, did a six-hundred metre canopy walk through the trees (that was fun but slightly stressful), and zip lined a couple times.

I want to just come back to the canopy walking for a second.  If you ever decide to do something like this, make sure you’ve got a good pair of running shoes on, you don’t have weak knees, and you’re capable of balancing your way across really skinny planks of lumber hinged together with creaking metal connector doo-hickey-thingys.  May sure you’re okay with hugging a tree for dear life eighty to one hundred feet up in the air while you unclamp yourself from your life line wire and re-clamp it to the next wire moving in the opposite direction.  Make sure you can balance yourself when the wind blows up there.  Make sure you won’t freak out when the wood planks make this funny sound like they’re going to snap in two at any minute and leave you dangling like a limp rag doll when your harness catches your fall and you snap back about ten feet in the air due to the impact.

Other than that, enjoy the experience and get some great pics! 😛

This is a view of a dead canopy "trail" after we had finished the canopy walk.  Taken while standing on a canopy base build around a massive tree trunk about 70 feet.  I loved the zip line down.

This is a view of a dead end canopy “trail” after we’d finished the canopy walk. Taken while standing on a canopy base build around a massive tree trunk about 70 feet up in the air. I loved the zip line down.

I got brave while balancing on those ridiculously skinny wood planks to pull out my camera and snap a quick shot.  It was super peaceful up there and very surreal.

I got brave while balancing on those ridiculously skinny wood planks to pull out my camera and snap a quick shot. It was super peaceful up there and very surreal.


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Cricket’s toe was bitten off a few months ago after a bad fight with another hormonal female. I’m thinking of changing her name to Stumpy. My poor girl. 💜



Betcha Can’t Find Me…

Actually Brucie-boy, you gave me a good run for my money 😊


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Things that will not survive a parrot in the house.

Testing, testing?

Three Birds and a Cloud

All of the above have been rescued before maximum damage could occur.

Not pictured: Wires; cables; any technology, but computer keyboards being a favourite; any cloth material; toys (of course); popsicle sticks; tissues; boxes; door frames; anything unattended, ever; anything you’re using. There is a parrot’s creed, which also applies closely to toddlers:

1. If you like it, it’s mine.

2. If I can reach it, it’s mine.

3. If it’s in my beak or foot, it’s mine.

4. If I can take it from you, it’s mine.

5. If I had it a little while ago, it’s mine.

6. If it’s mine, it must never appear to be yours in any way.

7. If I’m chewing something, all the pieces are mine.

8. If it looks like mine, it’s mine.

9. If I saw it first, it’s mine.

10. If you have something and you put it down…

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Training Day

Way back two Septembers ago, I had purchased an Aviator Harness for Keeleigh. Things were a bit nuts at that point and I just didn’t have the time or the energy to train her.

Today I decided to take a crack at it. I watched the enclosed DVD about getting the bird accustomed to it before trying to get it on. Keeleigh is pretty tame and so I figured it wouldn’t take her too much time to get used to it.

First I draped it around my neck while holding her and giving her scritches. She immediately took it off me and walked off with it in her mouth to play with it. After a few minutes, I continued patting her and draped it across her back. No reaction. So five minutes later, I easily put it over her head and got her into it. The challenging part was tightening the harness around her “waist”, but since she’s used to me picking her up and holding her different ways, I was able to get it tightened. I took her outside for a walk around the block. To show her appreciation she pooped on my shoulder. How adorable.

Getting it off wasn’t difficult at all. I hope she lets me put it on her again so easily next time.

Newman was born December 24,2012 and I brought him home March 10, 2013. He’s a Maximilian Pionus, and oh, is he a smart one! I want to eventually be able to get a harness on him as well, and so with this baby, I think it’s going to take me a bit more time.

I started today with his black harness draped around my neck; it was the first thing he went for. He started playing with it right away, which is a good sign. At least he’s not scared of it. I’ll take it slow with this one, I don’t want him getting freaked out by it early in the game. I really want to be able to take him outside with it on.



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Sucky Parrot

Mya can’t go without her scritches.  She’s so adorable.  I can’t believe she’s 5 already!

We’re off the the vet this coming weekend to get her beak trimmed down a bit.

My Parrot Talks

Who wants to hear my parrot talk – a bit.  She was so much more blabbery before I turned the camera on.  Go figure.


I was at the Whole Foods in my area yesterday, and couldn’t resist shelling out a few extra dollars for this great 100% cappings beeswax candle. It’s made by this company.

A few weeks back, I’d picked up a few tea light candles made by this company and loved them!

I’m a huge fan of the negative ions they emit while burning, plus the fact that my parrots are safe around them. I’ll never burn a paraffin candle again…


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Go Ahead. Ask Me a Question.

I recently discovered  VYou is a site where you can ask someone a question, and receive a video answer.

If you’d like to ask me a question, feel free to visit my channel at: or click here.

I’ve worked with animals for many years.  Do you have a pet-related question you want to ask?  Thinking of getting a dog, parrot, or small “pocket” pet?  Not sure what your pet is trying to tell you?  Feel free to pick my brain on!

I’d welcome non-pet related questions as well – bring ’em on 😀 lol.

Hope to talk to you soon 🙂




End of Summer Trip To The Park

I take so many videos of everything, you have no idea how much of my iPhone’s hard drive is currently being taken up by just media.

The other day I finally got around to compiling a bunch of dog videos on iMovie. I threw them all together and here’s what came out. Gotta love the frames of Brucie peeing on the grass 😄

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The Auto Show…From Almost a Year Ago…

Yes, it’s true. The last auto show in my city was last February. I’ve had these pictures hanging around my phone’s hard drive for the past months, so I decided it was time to process them and finally post.

So here is it….

Tom, I Love You


I’m not quite sure which one’s Tom, but I’ve decided that I like his Diner.

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Still Searching

I’ve been through at least two different themes and I still am not able to decide on one I like.

Yes, I’m a cheap-skate, because the ones I like, I don’t want to pay for.  I’m after the free themes :-P.

I was using Choco – it was nice, but I got a bit tired of the brown colour, so I’ve now changed it to “Chunk”.  I’ll play around with it and see if I can customize it a bit more to my liking.

Am I ever going to be satisfied with the way my blog looks????

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A True Friend

A True Friend
A true friend knows your weaknesses
but shows you your strengths,
feels your fears but fortifies your faith,
sees your anxieties but frees your spirit;
recognizes your disabilities
but emphasizes your possibilities.
William Arthur Ward