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My New Camera

While I appreciated the fact that I had a camera to take pictures with when I went to Pioneer Village with Bob, I wasn’t very impressed with the picture quality once I got home and viewed them on my computer. 

I made a decision that it was time to rehome my little Kodak point-and-shoot with my mom :P, and get me a new camera.

It was Best Buy’s lucky day, lol.  I walked into the store ready to buy an upgrade.  A very nice gentleman named Sadiq assisted me in figuring out which would be the best camera for me, and after much deliberation (about two minutes worth), I concluded I should leave the store with a new Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28.

It was a floor model, so I got a sweet discount on the camera itself, as well as the warranty offered through Best Buy.  I picked up a few other things while I was at at, and took my new toy home.

I plugged the battery into the charger, and waited for the next eight hours to be able to use my camera.

You be the judge and let me know if the pictures and videos I post from here on in are of better quality than the previous ones.  I’m hoping I made a good choice and didn’t just waste my hard earned money.

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I Love Bob


Last Thursday, my little brother and I (to protect his identity, let’s call him Bob), took a day trip to Black Creek Pioneer Village. 

First let me say how excited I was when I got this big idea to take Bob to Pioneer Village the previous Monday at work.  Bob seemed pretty excited at the prospect too, so it was pretty cool.  I called him the morning of to make sure he had woken up on time and eaten breakfast, and he answered the phone sounding like he’d been awake already for hours.  He came out of the house all happy, with this huge smile on his face, and his little iPod in his pocket – it was so cute. 

It was the first time the park was open during the March break, and due to the weather, not all of the buildings were open yet, as the cold weather could still potentially damage the inside of the buildings and their contents. 

We first walked around the main building which housed the gift shop, the snack bar, and a museum.  Bob loved the displays with the toys – especially the toy trains.  I was kinda grossed out when I saw the doll display case.  It’s a little unsettling knowing that the dolls you’re looking at have real human hair, and they’re about 160 years old.  The previous owners of that hair are dead.  I was looking at a dead person’s hair.  Maybe it was just the museum, that to be honest, I found a little creepy for some reason, or I was just being dumb, but I was so creeped out by the thought of this dead person’s hair being on that doll, that I was compelled to take a picture of it.  (How retarted is that, lol).  I invite you to be creeped out with me.  Have a look for yourself…Feel anything yet?  Please say yes, cause then that means that I really was just being dumb, and I have a reputation to uphold, lol.

Is This Creepy or What?

Is This Creepy or What?

Both Bob and I really loved all the different buildings and the people dressed in period costume.  My favorite was the farm house ,as there was a lady in the kitchen cooking maple sugar cookies over a fire.  I would think food would never cook quite as evenly over an open fire as it does nowadays in an oven or on the stovetop, but what do I know. 

My other favorite building was the Halfway House – it seemed to be a saloon/inn/ballroom.  100_32231I absolutely fell in love with one of the oil paintings in the dining room, but go figure, I wasn’t able to get a good shot of it.  This is the best that I got – which sucks pretty bad.  It was one of those paintings that if I had money to blow, and it was up for sale, I would have purchased it on the spot.  I guess it’s good that my picture came out horribly, that way, I’m not tortured by what could have been 🙂

In the Halfway House, downstairs in the saloon, there was a man in period costume playing the fiddle.  I’m not the biggest fan of the violin, but I was enjoying sitting down after walking the grounds and enjoying the music.  Don’t mind the horrible cinematography

I took a slew more pictures, however, so as not to bore you, I have only included about twenty-four (to be exact) below for your viewing pleasure:  😛







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My BDay

Well, my birthday rolled around a couple weeks ago and it kinda sucked. Well, I guess I shouldn’t say it sucked, cause there were some definite things about it that didn’t suck. Like the following:

a) I had a wicked evening prior with a good friend of mine.
b) My best friend came with me to complete the purchase and pick-up of my new old car.

My heart wells up with pride when I consider my purchase. So sleek, so sexy, so alluring. How can anyone resist me behind the wheel of this thing. Out of modesty, so as not to appear like I’m bragging, I’ve decided to post a “limited view” photo of this new, wonderful thing. Try not to get too excited when you see it.

They Don't Get Sexier Than This

The parts that sucked about my birthday were as follows:

a) I am a year older and feeling “dirtier” by the minute
b) I am a year older and feeling “dirtier” by the minute
c) I am a year older and feeling “dirtier” by the minute

I had a bit of separation anxiety as well, considering the fact that I parted from a loved one at Canadian Tire later that day after picking up the car, to take my own car, my own way, in a separate direction, to go home, instead of that loved one driving me home, as per usual.  It was snowing. It was dreary. It was dismal. I felt so weird and lonely. It was just pathetic, really. I’m starting to cry just thinking about it.  LOL.

The following night I suffered the same separation anxiety, but this time, it was leaving the movie theatre after watching a movie. It was snowing. It was dreary. It was dismal. I felt so weird and lonely. It was just pathetic. I’m still crying if you really must know.

Are you guys noticing a pattern, or do you need me to continue ?  Where’s my Kleenex.

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