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My little sweetie, Zoe, is a four pound long-haired chihuahua. She’s two years old, and I adopted her last November.

None of my previous dogs have ever smiled the way she does. In fact, I didn’t even realize Zoe was smiling until I saw another dog doing the same thing on YouTube. I’m pretty sure I’ve taught her to smile on command, (that is, unless the previous family did it and I just haven’t figured that out yet), and I finally had my camera on hand when it happened today.

The funniest thing is when she smiles at me from waaaaaaay across the room without being prompted. She always smiles when I first come home and sit on my bed. You just know she wants attention when I see those little white canines peek out from behind her top lip. She’s just too cute I can’t help hugging her! 🙂

I just walked in the door after hanging out at a very nice dessert place and seeing The International this evening. Guess who was sitting there smiling at me as I came through the door….

Thank You Ron

Firstly, I want to thank my friend Ron for asking me about my blog this morning. Ron, if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have felt sorry for my lonely blog and visited it today to post this entry. I owe you so much my friend – what the heck, where did that ish come from????

Technology changes so quickly and things become obsolete the minute they hit the market. I’m suffering from a dirty, slightly used feeling right now when I think about my Blackberry investment and the fact that it doesn’t have a camera. A few months ago, that didn’t matter to me much. I have a camera at home, so if I needed to take pictures, I would just go home to get it. But now that I’ve discovered this wonderful thing called “blogging” (I know this is foreign terminology, its just such a new concept, but stay with me here) I’m starting to wish my phone did have a camera. Since I’m able to blog straight from my OperaMini browser, it would make it so much more exciting if I could add phone pictures while I’m at it!

I guess I can’t always get my way – but that doesn’t mean I can’t complain about it. 😉

P.S. Ron, when are you starting your blog?

Pink Panther 2

Did I mention I love Steve Martin.  He’s actually my boyfriend, he just doesn’t know it yet.

I saw the Pink Panther 2 last night.  It’s not as good as the first one, but it had me laughing.

I Love My Slow Cooker!

A few weeks ago I had a big, bright idea.  I thought to myself, “Self, you don’t cook much.  In fact, you never cook anything except oatmeal and boiled eggs.  You need to cook and stop eating out/ordering in so much.”  So off Sheri went to WalMart and bought a shiny, new, five quart Crock Pot.

Crock Pot

Crock Pot

I’ve had this butternut squash sitting my my fridge for about two weeks now, and the recipe it was intended for, but I just hadn’t gotten around to making it until today.

Don’t get me started on the joys of peeling and chopping a raw butternut squash.  I could go on for hours. 

I can’t remember where exactly I found this recipe, but I thought I’d give it a try.  Please note, I am admitting that I don’t know where I found it, so whoever wrote this recipe – you deserve full credit.

Autumn Squash Casserole

1 Stick of butter, melted

1 Onion, chopped

5 lbs butternut squash, peeled and cut in 1/2″ pieces

1 1/2 cups orange juice

1/2 cup maple syrup

1 tsp cinnamon

Place the butter, onion, squash and orange juice in the slow cooker.  Cook on LOW for six to ten hours, or HIGH for three to four hours.  Add the cinnamon and maple syrup.  Using a potato masher, mash the ingredients.  Mix until smooth and serve warm.

Another Shot

Another Shot

I opted to cook this recipe on HIGH for three and a half hours.  I came home, and voila!  It was cooked.  I finished the seasoning as per the recipe, and started eating!

The orange juice, cinnamon and maple syrup give this casserole a very tangy zip.  If I were to make this again, I think I would opt for one cup of orange juice, as opposed to one and a half.

Where would I rate this recipe on a scale of one to ten?  Probably a four or five.  It’s not bad, but not the best I’ve tasted (at least the way mine turned out).

Here’s another shot of the results after being mashed in the stoneware bowl it was cooked in.  I know, I know – presentation is everything, and you could have put it in a nicer bowl.  You’re absolutely right.  But…I didn’t, so get over it, lol ;-).

Finished Product

Finished Product

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JavaScript and Flash

In my quest to familiarize myself with the whole blogging thing, as well as what WordPress is capable of doing, I’ve been fiddling around with my widgets.

I found this great widget site!  I love the selection, and would loooovvvee to add some of those to my blog.  I even found one for the Dog Whisperer, Knitting, etc.  I was ecstatic!

So Sheri tries to post the JavaScript HTML in her blank widget box – HTML script shows up on my blog.  Sheri goes back and copies the Flash code, pastes it back into her blank widget, hoping for the best.  Damn.  No go.  It directs me to  Not cool.

So Sheri does some research and finds out that her free WordPress blog doesn’t support JavaScript or Flash!  The frickin’ nerve! 😛

Sheri also learns that in order to put these cool little widgets in  her sidebar, she has to own her own domain and be running WordPress on her own site.  We’re getting into the “no longer free” part of this equation.  I’m not sure how I feel about this revelation.

Does anyone out there have their own domain and experience using the WordPress software?  Feel free to leave me a comment about the difficulty level for a beginner.

I have a funny feeling I will end up going with my own domain – I’m just a bit nervous about starting and not being able to finish :-S

On the bright side, I figured out that I don’t need a separate app installed on my BlackBerry 8830 in order to blog from my phone.  Last night I was furiously searching the web for plugins to facilitate just that, to no avail.  No one seems to have any decent plugins for a BlackBerry, but there are lots for the iPhone.  Weird. 

I guess I’m lying when I say I don’t need a separate app to blog from my BB.  I didn’t try it from the default browser that comes with the phone, so I don’t really know.  I also run the OperaMini browser on my BB, and I was able to log in and post with no problems at all.  OperaMini is a great browser to have on your BB – it’s allows greater functionality on various sites that the default browser just doesn’t allow – for example, I can post things on Ravelry that I can’t when using the default browser.

How did I find this out?  Go figure, Sheri was under the weather on Family Day, and was pretty much in bed all day.  Being in bed that long when you’re not well enough to be up and about, but not sick enough to be passed out, can get a bit boring.  Thank goodness for the internet!

The other good thing that happened today is that I figured out how to import all of twelve previous Blogger posts to this WordPress blog.  At least something worked the way I wanted it to with this free blog 😉

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Can we say it’s cold. I think my landlords turned the heat off to help support their daughter’s new condo habit, lol.

So. After a day’s worth of deliberation and contemplation, I have come to the realization that I can’t manage more than one blog site. It’s just too difficult to maintain. I started out with my first blog site .  Actually, wait.  Let me correct myself.  My true first blog site is here.  I totally forgot that I had stuff posted there.  The Blogger site (the first site referred to above), was actually my second blog. What I love about both sites, primarily the Blogger site, is the ease with which one can change up the widget locations on the page.  I also love the ease with which I can post HTML and media.  The concern I had with the above two sites is this – I’m unable to make specific blog entries private.  It’s all or nothing, and that’s not what I’m looking for.  If I’m going to be putting all this time into blogging, I want to at least know that I’m going to be able to make some parts of it “open to the general public.”  I don’t want everything to be a secret!  That’s no fun.

So.  That lead me, late last night, (as you can clearly see in the previous entry’s time stamp), to get the bright idea that I would go searching the web for free, selectively private blog sites.  First I found the LiveJournal site.  I set up a blog there.   I then realized, in my inexperience, the fact that that site is great for people who are looking to post entries with or without complicated pictures/media, however, there was no ability to add widgets which could facilitate what I was looking for.  Okay.  Next!

So.  On to the site.   As I have learnt, this is another site that allows selectively private blogging, while allowing users to utilize widgets/extensive media posting, etc.  Bingo.  I’m a happy camper.

Now.  The problem I have is this – what do I do with my other blog sites?  The LiveJournal one I’m not too worried about.  In fact, I think I’m going to close it after I’m done this entry.   I’m thinking that I’ll move the info on my Blogger and MSN Spaces sites to this current blog instead.  Voila!  One site.  Happy camper.

Now.  I guess the trick to this is finding the time to move everything. 

Done.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

In closing, please carefully review the following 😛

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Uh Oh.

I have a real problem now. I don’t know what to do about it.

I want a blog site that supports a public blog, but gives me the ability to hide occasional blog posts from the public view (my eyes only, not even friends’ eyes).

Apparently, in Blogger, there is a way one can keep their blog for friends only, however, this would apply to all blog posts, not just a selected few. That’s not what I want.

I found and, however, these sites do not allow the widgets that Blogger does in the margins. I love having my favorite YouTube videos posted in the margins.

What a difficult decision! Where do I keep my blog? Any suggestions?

Right now, I have an MSN Spaces blog, a LiveJournal blog, a WordPress blog, and a Blogger blog. I’d say that’s too many, wouldn’t you?

OK, you asked for it. Here comes a video:

Word Press Virgin

Well, here I am!

I’m new to this site, so give me a few days to figure out what I’m doing here.

I’ll be back soon!