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JavaScript and Flash

In my quest to familiarize myself with the whole blogging thing, as well as what WordPress is capable of doing, I’ve been fiddling around with my widgets.

I found this great widget site!  I love the selection, and would loooovvvee to add some of those to my blog.  I even found one for the Dog Whisperer, Knitting, etc.  I was ecstatic!

So Sheri tries to post the JavaScript HTML in her blank widget box – HTML script shows up on my blog.  Sheri goes back and copies the Flash code, pastes it back into her blank widget, hoping for the best.  Damn.  No go.  It directs me to Widgetbox.com.  Not cool.

So Sheri does some research and finds out that her free WordPress blog doesn’t support JavaScript or Flash!  The frickin’ nerve! 😛

Sheri also learns that in order to put these cool little widgets in  her sidebar, she has to own her own domain and be running WordPress on her own site.  We’re getting into the “no longer free” part of this equation.  I’m not sure how I feel about this revelation.

Does anyone out there have their own domain and experience using the WordPress software?  Feel free to leave me a comment about the difficulty level for a beginner.

I have a funny feeling I will end up going with my own domain – I’m just a bit nervous about starting and not being able to finish :-S

On the bright side, I figured out that I don’t need a separate app installed on my BlackBerry 8830 in order to blog from my phone.  Last night I was furiously searching the web for plugins to facilitate just that, to no avail.  No one seems to have any decent plugins for a BlackBerry, but there are lots for the iPhone.  Weird. 

I guess I’m lying when I say I don’t need a separate app to blog from my BB.  I didn’t try it from the default browser that comes with the phone, so I don’t really know.  I also run the OperaMini browser on my BB, and I was able to log in and post with no problems at all.  OperaMini is a great browser to have on your BB – it’s allows greater functionality on various sites that the default browser just doesn’t allow – for example, I can post things on Ravelry that I can’t when using the default browser.

How did I find this out?  Go figure, Sheri was under the weather on Family Day, and was pretty much in bed all day.  Being in bed that long when you’re not well enough to be up and about, but not sick enough to be passed out, can get a bit boring.  Thank goodness for the internet!

The other good thing that happened today is that I figured out how to import all of twelve previous Blogger posts to this WordPress blog.  At least something worked the way I wanted it to with this free blog 😉

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