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Betcha Can’t Find Me…

Actually Brucie-boy, you gave me a good run for my money 😊


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Woofstock 2012

Today I decided to go down to Woofstock. I felt really bad about it, but I decided to only take Bruce along with me. My reasoning was that it was a really hot day today, I don’t have air conditioning, and I didn’t want Zoe to overheat.

It’s really good that I left Zoe at home, because I was on the highway and ended up getting a flat tire. If she was with me, she would’ve really been overheating in the car while we waited for the tow truck.

Here’s a video of poor Brucie in the backseat with all the windows open putting up with all the wind. There was also a very small chihuahua downtown that we met. I’ve never seen another adult Chihuahua the same size as Bruce. She looked like she was a little bit shorter than Bruce, but Bruce wasn’t quite as long and he was skinnier as well.




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Pet Fun Fair and Adopt-A-Thon

I had a really great time this past Saturday.  I took Zoe and she had the time of her life hanging out with the other dogs.  My family showed up as well – I couldn’t ask for a better day.

Here’s some pics taken with my BlackBerry of the Small Dog Meetup.  The white “horse” wasn’t allowed into this particular off-leash event lol.

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