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Guess where I am right now? Guess why I’m killing time?


I Definitely Need a Tripod

Isn’t it weird how one day, the leaves on the trees will be green, and then literally the next day, they’ve all turned colour completely?  It’s like that with the trees on my street – I swear they all turned yellow last night! 

All day today we’ve had some pretty crummy weather – rain, wind, and more rain and wind.  The only good thing that came out of it was the beautiful, surreal image of the side streets once the rain had died down – cool, crisp, damp, with an ever so slight hint of lingering summer somewhere in the air.

I was able to capture a very blurry couple of night images.   I know I need to invest in a tripod, and will probably get one tomorrow, however, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to snap a few photos of the gorgeous night scene.  These pictures don’t remotely do justice to the beauty I saw this evening, but I figured if I could capture even a small piece of tonight’s beauty, I was going to. 

While I really am not an autumn fan, it’s nights like this evening that make all the depressing, gloomy days of fall worth it.  I can only imageine what the pictures could have looked like if I had a tripod!



Let’s Go To The EX

On Monday, August 24, my little brother Bob and I went to the EX. I love hangin’ out with him; he’s such a cool little guy.

We went shopping through a few of the buildings, then watched a video of poop coming out of the rear end of a cow in the Farm building (he liked to press “replay” – we watched this video quite a few times).

We had dinner and then went on a bunch of rides. He loves bumper cars, and I had a fun time watching him have fun on them.

The dog show was really enjoyable this year – lots of cute doggies doing a great job in the agility course. Here’s a pic I snapped with the CrackBerry while waiting for the show to begin.

P.S. Bob has explained the concept behind Pokeman cards, but I’m sorry, I just don’t get it. Any other adults out there kinda stumped by them too? Please tell me I’m not the only one…

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Knitting Wha???

So far, I’ve talked about a lot of different things.  I just realized that I haven’t spoken anything about my knitting.

For the past few months, I’m not quite sure what’s been happening.  I used to try and chip away at one or two projects daily, however lately, I think I’ve lost my mojo.

For someone who notoriously loves to start new projects all over the place, I think I’m doing pretty well with only two projects on the needles right now.

The oldest of the two is a pair of Monkey socks.  The newest is a February Lady sweater.

I’m too lazy to get my camera out and take a picture of them, so I’ll do that a bit later. 

Just thought I’d share.

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Under the Sea

As I sit here at dinner, I contemplate many a thing.

Of primary concern, at this time, is this: What exactly, is it, that I’m eating?

Well friends, I’ll let you all be the judge. I’m thinking its a big mash of everything all together.

Either way, for someone as unfussy as myself, I have to say that I don’t care for this dish too much.

I think I’ll send it over the food rainbow bridge. Good riddance!!!

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CellSpin Test # 2

I recently downloaded Cellspin on my BlackBerry. This app is supposed to be able to allow one to blog to several different sites, including WordPress (yey), Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot, etc. The great thing about this app is that you can upload pictures, videos, and voicenotes directly from your BlackBerry to your blog – I like that!

So, here’s my first real CellSpin test. And yes, I’m blogging from my phone.

I Love Bob


Last Thursday, my little brother and I (to protect his identity, let’s call him Bob), took a day trip to Black Creek Pioneer Village. 

First let me say how excited I was when I got this big idea to take Bob to Pioneer Village the previous Monday at work.  Bob seemed pretty excited at the prospect too, so it was pretty cool.  I called him the morning of to make sure he had woken up on time and eaten breakfast, and he answered the phone sounding like he’d been awake already for hours.  He came out of the house all happy, with this huge smile on his face, and his little iPod in his pocket – it was so cute. 

It was the first time the park was open during the March break, and due to the weather, not all of the buildings were open yet, as the cold weather could still potentially damage the inside of the buildings and their contents. 

We first walked around the main building which housed the gift shop, the snack bar, and a museum.  Bob loved the displays with the toys – especially the toy trains.  I was kinda grossed out when I saw the doll display case.  It’s a little unsettling knowing that the dolls you’re looking at have real human hair, and they’re about 160 years old.  The previous owners of that hair are dead.  I was looking at a dead person’s hair.  Maybe it was just the museum, that to be honest, I found a little creepy for some reason, or I was just being dumb, but I was so creeped out by the thought of this dead person’s hair being on that doll, that I was compelled to take a picture of it.  (How retarted is that, lol).  I invite you to be creeped out with me.  Have a look for yourself…Feel anything yet?  Please say yes, cause then that means that I really was just being dumb, and I have a reputation to uphold, lol.

Is This Creepy or What?

Is This Creepy or What?

Both Bob and I really loved all the different buildings and the people dressed in period costume.  My favorite was the farm house ,as there was a lady in the kitchen cooking maple sugar cookies over a fire.  I would think food would never cook quite as evenly over an open fire as it does nowadays in an oven or on the stovetop, but what do I know. 

My other favorite building was the Halfway House – it seemed to be a saloon/inn/ballroom.  100_32231I absolutely fell in love with one of the oil paintings in the dining room, but go figure, I wasn’t able to get a good shot of it.  This is the best that I got – which sucks pretty bad.  It was one of those paintings that if I had money to blow, and it was up for sale, I would have purchased it on the spot.  I guess it’s good that my picture came out horribly, that way, I’m not tortured by what could have been 🙂

In the Halfway House, downstairs in the saloon, there was a man in period costume playing the fiddle.  I’m not the biggest fan of the violin, but I was enjoying sitting down after walking the grounds and enjoying the music.  Don’t mind the horrible cinematography

I took a slew more pictures, however, so as not to bore you, I have only included about twenty-four (to be exact) below for your viewing pleasure:  😛







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Uh Oh.

I have a real problem now. I don’t know what to do about it.

I want a blog site that supports a public blog, but gives me the ability to hide occasional blog posts from the public view (my eyes only, not even friends’ eyes).

Apparently, in Blogger, there is a way one can keep their blog for friends only, however, this would apply to all blog posts, not just a selected few. That’s not what I want.

I found and, however, these sites do not allow the widgets that Blogger does in the margins. I love having my favorite YouTube videos posted in the margins.

What a difficult decision! Where do I keep my blog? Any suggestions?

Right now, I have an MSN Spaces blog, a LiveJournal blog, a WordPress blog, and a Blogger blog. I’d say that’s too many, wouldn’t you?

OK, you asked for it. Here comes a video:

This is a serious test

Frangipani Flowers

This is just a test that I wanted to do.  I signed up for windows Live Writer, and I think I rather like it.  This is great!

Cute as a Button

So, for the past year or so, I’ve been debating each time I step into PetSmart, about whether or not I should leave PetSmart with a pair of Button Quail. Well…I finally took the plunge today. Here’s my two little male and female quail. They are really quite adorable – so tiny, and have the most adorable little walk.
I’ve read you can inhibit their “boinking” tendancy (fly straight up in the air when startled) by clipping their flight feathers. Well, that’s what I did tonight. I first caught the female (the brown one), wrapped her in a Kleenex and clipped her wings. With considerably more effort, I then caught the super skittish male, wrapped him in a tissue, and clipped his wings as well. I’m hoping this will stop them from boinging straight in the air the next time they’re out of their cage.
These birds came complete with their own freshly laid egg. This egg is huge compared to the female, who is larger than the male. It’s bigger than my budgies eggs, and almost the same size as my cockatiel’s eggs. Let’s see if I can get her to sit on a clutch until they hatch. Wish me all the best!

A true friend knows your weaknesses
but shows you your strengths,
feels your fears but fortifies your faith,
sees your anxieties but frees your spirit;
recognizes your disabilities
but emphasizes your possibilities.
William Arthur Ward

Phew! I’m tired!

I just finished my dinner, and man, am I exhausted! You know what I have, right?

So guess where I am right now? I’m sitting in a cafe making this blog entry on my new Blackberry 8830! This thing is so amazing – I love it! Went shopping last night with my best friend to go have a look around for a new phone. After a year and eight months, my old cell’s battery was just about to kick the bucket. I was planing on getting a PDA, perhaps a MotoQ, but walked out of the mall significantly poorer with my new, top of the line BB. Go figure.

Oh yes, ang guess who hatched sometime last night? Marshmallow and Tinkerbell’s first baby from the second clutch. Oh man – what am I going to do with all these babies????


So I finally got my invitation to be a beta tester about a week ago. Of course Sheri spends about six hours the first night she has a profile taking pictures of her work and uploading it onto Flickr.

Tonight I took an hour or so and sorted through my multitudes of needles and hooks and electronically filed each one on my profile also.

My biggest job will be making note of what’s in my stash. That job’s going to kill me!


Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve visited you! I think my recent, much anticipated invitation to has inspired me to come back here and update something.

Well…what’s new and exciting with me….

I had an amazing time at Cirque du Soleil this past Thursday. I went with a good friend of mine, and it was worth every penny I spent to get there. I can’t wait until the next show arrives in Toronto again.

Finally Sheri!

Well, as a lot of you know, I love animals.

I had a pair Blue Capped Bleu Cordons, and the female died. So for the longest time, I’ve had a lone male who it seems has been obsessed with pulling out the feathers on his head.

So Sheri feels sorry for her little pint-sized bird today and goes and buys him a very costly ($$$) female partner. (I’m going to miss his gorgeous little song when he’s calling for a female.) Anyways, I see them in the cage together looking like they’re going to be getting on just fine, and then BAM!…my male is chasing the female around the cage looking like he’s going to kill her.

I’m really excited about this latest happening, as I’ll be damned if I’m going to have to move her to another cage. I have enough cages in my place already. Sheesh!


Wow, I haven’t visited you in a long time! Sorry about that.

Well, I went to Montreal three weekends ago and had an amazing time. Unfortunately, I didn’t take my camera, so I don’t have any pics.

We stayed at Loew’s Hotel Vogue. It was my first time at that hotel, and I must say, I was impressed by the service. Gotta love the bed 😉

Oh, and I dropped my friends home too! 😛


Well, I went to see the movie Bable tonight. It wasn’t too bad. I found it to be one of those movies, however, that leave me with a wierd feeling as I leave the theatre. Has anyone else reading this seen it as well? Any thoughts you’d care to share? Cate Blanchett is my absolute favorite actress, and Brad Pitt…well, let’s just say, he’s Brad Pitt.

As you can see, it’s 2:49 a.m. in the morning, and I’m up editing decks for work. I’m really ecstatic at the thought of being up, oh, probably another hour and a half completing my task. Work sucks sometimes, really it does.

Well, I’ve started my new sock project. I’m using sock yarn on size three DPN’s, and having a ball. I’ve completed three centimetre’s worth of 2X2 ribbing, and I can’t wait to get on to the fun stuff, namely, shaping the heel! 😛 And oh, I like Kitchener stiching. Am I the only one???

I’m a Year Older…Sheesh!

Well, today is my birthday, or technically, yesterday. I’m sorry, you’re just going to have to guess how old I am. But I will say that I had the best day today that I’ve had in a really, really long time.

I spent the majority of the afternoon with my family. My little brother has fallen in love with my video iPod, and I’ve got a sinking suspicion he’s not going to be happy with the Nano I was intending to get him. He also felt the need, in his exhuberent mood, to get a running start and knock me over onto the couch. I see nothing has changed much. The other brother used to do the same, lol.

The evening was spent with a really cool friend of mine–much needed “hanging out” time indeed.

My shift is killing me!

I got a cute pic of my brother monopolizing my iPod, however, the camera is still with my family. I’m not sure if I can come back to a blog entry later and ad a pic, but if I can’t, look out for a future posting.

Oh yeah…finished knitting my first sock! It looks real wonky, but it’s a sock. Done with the practice run, and on to a real project. I’ll keep you all posted on the status as I go.

The First Time

Well, it’s my very first blog entry here on my brand new site…yey! I’m not really too sure what to say at this point, but please feel free to visit back regularily for updates.

Hungry anyone?