Cute as a Button

So, for the past year or so, I’ve been debating each time I step into PetSmart, about whether or not I should leave PetSmart with a pair of Button Quail. Well…I finally took the plunge today. Here’s my two little male and female quail. They are really quite adorable – so tiny, and have the most adorable little walk.
I’ve read you can inhibit their “boinking” tendancy (fly straight up in the air when startled) by clipping their flight feathers. Well, that’s what I did tonight. I first caught the female (the brown one), wrapped her in a Kleenex and clipped her wings. With considerably more effort, I then caught the super skittish male, wrapped him in a tissue, and clipped his wings as well. I’m hoping this will stop them from boinging straight in the air the next time they’re out of their cage.
These birds came complete with their own freshly laid egg. This egg is huge compared to the female, who is larger than the male. It’s bigger than my budgies eggs, and almost the same size as my cockatiel’s eggs. Let’s see if I can get her to sit on a clutch until they hatch. Wish me all the best!

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