Random Thought of the Day

Don’t you love it when your dog’s poop comes out like a string of attached sausages cause he swallowed a really long hair or blade of grass and you have to *eh hem* “assist” him by leveraging that oh so versatile plastic poop bag in your pocket cause by this time the people across the street in the bus shelter are starting to whisper and point and it looks like your dog was born deformed with a permanently hunched back and you kinda just feel sorry for the little bugger as he looks apologetically back at you as if to say, “Listen, I know you’re mortified right now cause I’ve been doing the walking squat for over three and a half minutes, but, could I trouble you to give my poop a little tug?  We should be good from there….”  The joys, I tell ya.  The joys.


One thought on “Random Thought of the Day

  1. Brenda Binder Scrofano says:

    you crack pot! LOL does anyone else talk about their doggy’s poo poo? hone in pls….

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