Early Resolutions

The other day I went through my entire knitting arsenal – stash, tools, UFO’s – everything, and I cleaned house. I threw out half-completed projects I knew I’d never get around to picking up again, I tossed away weirdly tarnished Addi Lace circs that I also knew I will never touch again, and I filed ugly yarn in the round file. My needles, hooks and notions were neatly organized into one supply bag, and all my “worthy-to-hold-on-to” UFO’s got organized into a single knitting bag. Needless to say, I felt really good afterward.

So, having said that, the only remaining UFO’s are my never-ending lace February Lady Sweater, my Breeze socks, my Tulip baby cardigan, and my Monkey socks.

I can’t believe I really cast on for the second side of the Breeze socks. I swear I started those three years ago.

I completed a pair of Pocket Book slippers in black. No clue what the name of the yarn is since I haven’t a clue where the ball band went. I do know that I’m going to have to keep them away from Bruce. He already thinks they’re his toy. Little monkey.

My resolution is to finish my four UFO’s in 2011 and completely use up my stash. Can it be done? Absolutely. Will it be done? Probably not, but we can dream.

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