Car Drive Home

Today’s the big day! My puppy comes home!!!

I met Tucker’s breeder today at noon to pick him up. This cute little munchkin was passed out cold in this crate when I got him. He successfully slept the entire way home.

What’s going to be challenging is introducing him to Zoe. I had planned to have my best friend meet me with Zoe on neutral territory a couple blocks from my home, let them get acquainted, and then walk them home together (or as far as Tucker could go without getting tired). Well, of course it has to be rainy and cold today *pout* lol.

Soooo, since Tucker is still passed out in the car, I ran inside, warmed up his food and got his honey water, and ran back to the car with it. I’m now sitting in my car waiting for my best friend to get here so we can begin the intros.

I snapped this shot of Tucker’s butt. I think this is his butt lol. I can’t believe how small he is!!!! I knew he was small, but man, he looks smaller than I remember!!!


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