My Puppy Adventures

On and off for the past while, I’ve been cruising Kijiji with the intent of adding a second dog to my single dog “pack”.

I’m still not quite sure how I lucked out and landed on Zoe. She came perfectly trained when I adopted her, so for me, the work of raising a puppy was non-existent – it was already done for me.

Since Zoe came into the picture in November of 2008, I’ve learnt a lot more about how to properly care for a dog, and what it takes to continue to have a well-trained canine companion. I’ve read a couple of Cesar Millan books, I watch his show every chance I get, and I try to keep Zoe as well-socialized to as many varying situations as possible.

A couple of weeks ago I came across an ad on Kijiji for a nine month old female ready to be rehomed. In correspondence with the breeder, I found out she had a little eight week old puppy. Apparently he was really laid back (like me and Zoe) and was the tiniest one in his litter. He wasn’t expected to reach three pounds.

Last Tuesday, my best friend and I took a nice drive north of Belleville to visit the puppy. He was really small and really laid back. Now, the laid-back part might have been due to the fact that I came in the middle of his nap time lol. Either way, I left putting a deposit down on him.

The breeder – Kimberley ( has been very helpful and open thus far, and was kind enough to send me some videos and pictures of my prospective new little monkey.


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