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Under the Sea

As I sit here at dinner, I contemplate many a thing.

Of primary concern, at this time, is this: What exactly, is it, that I’m eating?

Well friends, I’ll let you all be the judge. I’m thinking its a big mash of everything all together.

Either way, for someone as unfussy as myself, I have to say that I don’t care for this dish too much.

I think I’ll send it over the food rainbow bridge. Good riddance!!!

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1 Million Calories Later…

So I just found out that I can blog, complete with attachments, by sending an email to WordPress. I’d say this is good news. So, now that we’ve established that this is good news, here’s my test email/post, directly from my BlackBerry. (I swear I can’t live without this thing.)

I’ve just finished polishing off two small Iced Caps (I was really thirsty) and I’m sitting in my driveway. I’m too tired/lazy to get outta my car. I never thought just sitting here could be so relaxing!

The weather was absolutely beautiful today and I just had to get out and enjoy the sunshine. I decided to make my way down to Bluffers Park and walk my dog.

I was able to capture a few pics with my BlackBerry and, I think they came out not too badly for a phone camera.

Here they are:
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