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Knitting Wha???

So far, I’ve talked about a lot of different things.  I just realized that I haven’t spoken anything about my knitting.

For the past few months, I’m not quite sure what’s been happening.  I used to try and chip away at one or two projects daily, however lately, I think I’ve lost my mojo.

For someone who notoriously loves to start new projects all over the place, I think I’m doing pretty well with only two projects on the needles right now.

The oldest of the two is a pair of Monkey socks.  The newest is a February Lady sweater.

I’m too lazy to get my camera out and take a picture of them, so I’ll do that a bit later. 

Just thought I’d share.

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Under the Sea

As I sit here at dinner, I contemplate many a thing.

Of primary concern, at this time, is this: What exactly, is it, that I’m eating?

Well friends, I’ll let you all be the judge. I’m thinking its a big mash of everything all together.

Either way, for someone as unfussy as myself, I have to say that I don’t care for this dish too much.

I think I’ll send it over the food rainbow bridge. Good riddance!!!

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1 Million Calories Later…

So I just found out that I can blog, complete with attachments, by sending an email to WordPress. I’d say this is good news. So, now that we’ve established that this is good news, here’s my test email/post, directly from my BlackBerry. (I swear I can’t live without this thing.)

I’ve just finished polishing off two small Iced Caps (I was really thirsty) and I’m sitting in my driveway. I’m too tired/lazy to get outta my car. I never thought just sitting here could be so relaxing!

The weather was absolutely beautiful today and I just had to get out and enjoy the sunshine. I decided to make my way down to Bluffers Park and walk my dog.

I was able to capture a few pics with my BlackBerry and, I think they came out not too badly for a phone camera.

Here they are:
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What an absolutely gorgeous day it was today!
This is the kind of day that makes me want to take the dog for a never-ending walk. This is the kind of gorgeous day that makes me want to run my toes through the grass and eat a huge, juicy Asian Pear. 
I love spring. I love how everything is new and fresh and bright and promising.
While walking Willie, I snapped this picture on my phone – the scene was so much prettier in person, but this will have to do.
A Gorgeous Day

A Gorgeous Day

I’ve added this picture as my BlackBerry desktop background since it’s so cheery.

Still the pit in my belly weights ten tonnes.  I left my grandma at the hospital on Monday night.  It’s going to take so much more than a stinkin’ picture to make this one better.  Screw the gorgeous day.

Seeds Please

For anyone that doesn’t know me – I’m an animal lover.  I’d own an entire farm if left to my own devices.  Having said that, I think it’s perfectly logical that I own a “mini” farm right here at my place. 

Part of my “mini” farm is comprised of four cute, wee parrotlets.  From top left, going clockwise, they are as follows:  Pickle – my standard male, Mia – my dilute blue hen (American White), Mya – my dilute yellow (American Yellow) hen, and Taka – my blue male.

My Four Parrotlets

My Four Parrotlets

Well, somebody I know, (cough, coughy, Mya) decides she feels like popping out some blank eggs.  OK.  No problem.  If that’s what you like to do, you go for it girl.  (Lol).  The only problem was, about three eggs into the clutch, somebody (I’m not going to mention any names, cough Mya) decides she’s going to keep an egg inside their little birdie body and become egg-bound. 

All joking aside, it wasn’t Mya’s fault.  In fact, it most certainly was mine.

My preference has always been to feed my birds pellets.  Various breeders, as well as several internet sites, have advised not to feed mutation parrotlets pellets, as it can cause kidney failure.  I’ve listened.  I’ve fed them seeds.  I’ve fed them fresh fruit and vegetables.  But I’ve never been comfortable feeding them that much seed.  My avian vet is telling me that it’s OK to feed them around 80% high grade pellets, and about 20% seeds.  Now, I know there are also other avian vets out there that caution against any seeds for any parrotlet that is even split to a mutation.  As you can see, all my parrotlets are mutations, even the little split to blue standard male.  What a decision!

The good news is that I left poor little Mya overnight at the vet’s, and the next day, she was ready to come home after passing the egg (yey!).  I went home and started switching her over to pellets, with more success than I thought I’d have, to tell you the truth.
I have Mya and Mia in a breeder cage with a divider, so Mia has full access to see exactly what Mya’s eating.  A few days later, I began to switch Mia over as well, and within a day, she was eating the pellets as well.  Next goal:  switch over my remaining two parrotlets, and after that, the four lineolated parakeets.

I must admit, it’ll be cheaper in the long run.  While parrots will always kick food around, there’s going to be less wastage from seed hulls as there was before.  My two parrotlet hens, as well as my two linnie hens, will be better equipped during egg laying to handle the calcium depletion which naturally occurs; that translates into less chance of egg-binding which is always a good thing.

My lingering concern is that my vet could be slightly wrong, and giving my babies pellets will shorten their lifespans, not to mention run up extremely high vet bills.

If you were me, what would you do?  Any suggestions? 
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Chasing a Dream…

Why can’t I get any of my pictures to look good like the ones in the National Geographic magazine?????  I’m sure there’s a million reasons why, starting with my camera, lol…

A Night Shot

A Night Shot