Daily Archives: October 18, 2007

Phew! I’m tired!

I just finished my dinner, and man, am I exhausted! You know what I have, right?

So guess where I am right now? I’m sitting in a cafe making this blog entry on my new Blackberry 8830! This thing is so amazing – I love it! Went shopping last night with my best friend to go have a look around for a new phone. After a year and eight months, my old cell’s battery was just about to kick the bucket. I was planing on getting a PDA, perhaps a MotoQ, but walked out of the mall significantly poorer with my new, top of the line BB. Go figure.

Oh yes, ang guess who hatched sometime last night? Marshmallow and Tinkerbell’s first baby from the second clutch. Oh man – what am I going to do with all these babies????