Monthly Archives: October 2009

I Definitely Need a Tripod

Isn’t it weird how one day, the leaves on the trees will be green, and then literally the next day, they’ve all turned colour completely?  It’s like that with the trees on my street – I swear they all turned yellow last night! 

All day today we’ve had some pretty crummy weather – rain, wind, and more rain and wind.  The only good thing that came out of it was the beautiful, surreal image of the side streets once the rain had died down – cool, crisp, damp, with an ever so slight hint of lingering summer somewhere in the air.

I was able to capture a very blurry couple of night images.   I know I need to invest in a tripod, and will probably get one tomorrow, however, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to snap a few photos of the gorgeous night scene.  These pictures don’t remotely do justice to the beauty I saw this evening, but I figured if I could capture even a small piece of tonight’s beauty, I was going to. 

While I really am not an autumn fan, it’s nights like this evening that make all the depressing, gloomy days of fall worth it.  I can only imageine what the pictures could have looked like if I had a tripod!