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WordPress for BlackBerry – Beta

A couple weeks ago I was informed that WordPress had come out with a beta app for BlackBerry – fantastic!

So of course, I downloaded it onto my phone, open it up, and attempt to add my blog in an attempt to begin using the app. 

Go figure – it doesn’t recognize my information.   I guess that’s why they call it a beta lol.

I really want to uses this app, like, right now.  This is going to be quite the challenge remaining patient while it’s being fixed.

Deep breath 😀

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P1020305Last Thursday, my best friend and I took a trip down to the Royal Ontario Museum to see the Dead Sea Scrolls. I was really quite amazed at the relatively great condition they’re still in, and how small the writing actual is. I’m glad I got a chance to get down there and have a look at them for myself.  If you’re interested in seeing some more of the photos I took while there, here’s the link:

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