Monthly Archives: March 2007


Well, I went to see the movie Bable tonight. It wasn’t too bad. I found it to be one of those movies, however, that leave me with a wierd feeling as I leave the theatre. Has anyone else reading this seen it as well? Any thoughts you’d care to share? Cate Blanchett is my absolute favorite actress, and Brad Pitt…well, let’s just say, he’s Brad Pitt.

As you can see, it’s 2:49 a.m. in the morning, and I’m up editing decks for work. I’m really ecstatic at the thought of being up, oh, probably another hour and a half completing my task. Work sucks sometimes, really it does.

Well, I’ve started my new sock project. I’m using sock yarn on size three DPN’s, and having a ball. I’ve completed three centimetre’s worth of 2X2 ribbing, and I can’t wait to get on to the fun stuff, namely, shaping the heel! 😛 And oh, I like Kitchener stiching. Am I the only one???

I’m a Year Older…Sheesh!

Well, today is my birthday, or technically, yesterday. I’m sorry, you’re just going to have to guess how old I am. But I will say that I had the best day today that I’ve had in a really, really long time.

I spent the majority of the afternoon with my family. My little brother has fallen in love with my video iPod, and I’ve got a sinking suspicion he’s not going to be happy with the Nano I was intending to get him. He also felt the need, in his exhuberent mood, to get a running start and knock me over onto the couch. I see nothing has changed much. The other brother used to do the same, lol.

The evening was spent with a really cool friend of mine–much needed “hanging out” time indeed.

My shift is killing me!

I got a cute pic of my brother monopolizing my iPod, however, the camera is still with my family. I’m not sure if I can come back to a blog entry later and ad a pic, but if I can’t, look out for a future posting.

Oh yeah…finished knitting my first sock! It looks real wonky, but it’s a sock. Done with the practice run, and on to a real project. I’ll keep you all posted on the status as I go.

The First Time

Well, it’s my very first blog entry here on my brand new site…yey! I’m not really too sure what to say at this point, but please feel free to visit back regularily for updates.

Hungry anyone?