Poor Doggie

My little Zoe had her spay surgery today (well, actually yesterday if you want to be technical).  I had her microchipped and got her teeth cleaned at the same time. 

When I picked her up from the vet’s and saw the huge incision on her tummy, I felt absolutely horrible.  I know the benefits of spaying, however, she’s so tiny and to see that type of wound on your dog can really be heart wrenching.

Zoe is 2.5 years old, and has completed three heat cycles.  She went eight months during her last interval before coming into heat in April 2009.  I figured I’d get her fixed now before she cycles again.

I understand that some shelters don’t have chip readers for all microchip brands.  For that reason, I’m throwin’ this information out there in case she’s ever lost and someone decides to Google her info:



ID#:  982 009105939882


Now the challenge is going to be ensuring that she doesn’t lick excessively at her stitches.  I have the ecollar, but of course, she doesn’t like it and slipped out of it pretty quickly.  It doesn’t help that, like a true Chihuahua, she loves licking.  She’s got a thing for licking blankets.  Mind you, she’s not quite as bad as my previous chi Ike, who, when guests would come over, would follow them incessantly throughout the house just to lick their feet, ankles and calves when they would stop walking.  He’d happily sit beside them for hours if allowed, licking all their exposed skin.  If he could sneak in a lick while they were still walking, all the better!  It was really embarrassing now that I think about it! 😀  My poor guests LOL.

Anyways, my little monkey is sleeping on her bed I brought in from the car, curled up under a fleece blanket.  She ate and drank a bit when I brought her home, and I gave her her pain medication. 

Chihuahuas Love to Tunnel Under Blankets

Chihuahuas Love to Tunnel Under Blankets

I’m going to miss our daily walks/runs in the park the next few weeks, but it will be worth it when she’s healed up nicely and can exercise freely again before the snow comes!  I’ve thus far gotten her to a nice, lean, fit state, and I intend on keeping her that way once she’s all better!  I’m not a fan of fat chihuahuas.

Wish me success in keeping her away from those stitches!


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